Blocked Drains

We provide the following drain services:

  • CCTV Camera inspections
  • Pinpoint blockage locating
  • Unblocking of drains

Plumbingwise uses the latest drain cleaning and drain camera inspection technology to investigate blocked drains. In most cases we can use our inline cameras to inspect the cleared drains to ensure all materials (including tree roots) have been removed. This limits the chances of a repeat blockage, allowing us to provide you with our work guarantee and your peace of mind.

In most cases of a drain break our equipment allows us to pinpoint the location of your blockage and discuss your options for relining or replacing the section of drain. You won’t have to worry about repeat calls to plumbers (especially on weekends or public holidays) draining your wallet or a ‘situation’ arising when celebrating special occasions with friends at home!

If you’ve got an issue with a blocked or sluggish drain call Craig for a professional and reliable service today.