Burst Pipes – Leak Detection

Ever received an unusually high water bill? Heard the familiar sound of running water before you’ve turned the tap on? Water meter spinning out of control? Chances are you have a burst water pipe which could cost you between 2000 and 12000 litres of water per day. Worried about burst pipes? Don’t be!

Craig at Plumbingwise uses the latest pipe locating and acoustic listening devices to pinpoint your water leak and as your friendly, licensed plumber he can repair it for you as well. His experience ensures any damage caused while repairing is limited and not only will he locate and repair your leak, but he’ll happily replace a tile or two if required.

Using the latest in acoustic listening, line tracing and thermographic imaging, Craig will locate your leak efficiently and for convenience repair the leak whilst on site. We find Hot and Cold water leaks, Reticulation leaks and Pool piping leaks. With 10 years’ experience finding water leaks and over 30 years in the Plumbing Industry, Craig knows his equipment’s capabilities and how to apply them to your job. We consider ourselves a one stop leak repair business and in most cases if required will reinstate any tiles, paving or concrete removed to conduct your repair. We conduct leak location services over the whole of the metropolitan area. Residential, Trade, Commercial, Real estate and Strata enquiries are welcome.

Video Presentation by Craig Harby: (How to detect leaks in water pipes)


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